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"This kind of integrity is priceless!!" -Theron L.

"We depend on Phil to make us look like the dignified housekeepers we are not, especially when the in-laws make their semi-annual visit. Reasonable prices, child and pet friendly (green) carpet cleaning, by a totally nice guy."- Deirdre S.

"I've had 2 other cleaning companies come in to clean the carpets in the past, but the carpets were not

clean until Bonadona's cleaned them.  I will never call anyone else for carpet cleaning." -Vanessa N.

"I am thrilled to recommend a small business such as this, because nice, hard working, honest, people are hard to find!" -Alicia S.

"Thank heaven for Bonadona carpet cleaning!" -Nancy M.

"Responsive, prompt, they did a great job on rugs and a grrrreat Price!" -Tracy M.

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